the stone people drummers

We are a group of musicians performers and spirits who understand and recognize the value, spiritually, physically, emotionally, musically and community that drumming holds.


Combining styles from Africa, the Middle East, Native America and more, we bring the spirit of the drum to life on stage. We have partnered with the Rocky Mountain Belly Dance Co. for many of our performances and the addition of dance to drumming is a pairing our species has enjoyed since we first danced and drummed around the fire pit.


Having drummers of varying skill levels from beginner to professional, we bring together a magical event. We are also always looking to add new drummers of all skills to our group. If your interested in becoming a drummer, drop us a line and share the journey with us.


Our performance group has been part of many outstanding benefit events in the past years, including Concert for BioDiversity, Rist Canyon Festival, Autism Society Benefits, Grass Roots Festival, Waltz for Wolves, and more. Maybe we can be a part of your event too.


drumming and dancing

Let us bring the magic of rhythm and movement to your next event. We have partnered with The Rocky Mountain Belly Dance Company for many of our performances.

New drums are being added to our DRUMS page.


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