the djembe

The djembe drum is the staple of African rhythms. According to the Bamana people of Mali in NW Africa, the name djembe comes from the saying "Anke djé, anke bé". This means, "everyone gather together in peace" which is just what drumming is all about.


Common with native peoples all accros Africa, the djembe is probably the most recognizable style of drum. With rich bass and tasteful rim voices, the djembe plays many roles in a drum circle. Many factors influence the sounds or voices of a djembe. Everything from the wood used, the type of hide, thickness of shell, rope and the skill of the artisan carver play a part in the individual drum's voices.


If you picked up 10 different djembe drums and had a few minutes to play each one, you would most certainly find they each had their individuality. Indeed, you find connection with certain drums. They may in fact be choosing you as much as you think you are choosing them.


We encourage you to play any drum you are considering buying. The Stone People Drummers usually have several drums available for sale at all of our performances as well as here on our website.


About Our Drums...


All of the djembe drums we have are hand made in Ghana Africa. They are of the highest quality and have been individually crafted from a single piece of sustainably managed native wood by a craftsman skilled in the ancient art of drum carving.


The heads are close shaved goat skin, antelope or calf. These drum makers use the back skin which is a bit heavier and not prone to tearing like the belly skins used on drums of lower quality.


The rope used is non-stretch rope made for stringing drums. It does not loosen or stretch with time. This gives you a great sounding drum for many many years to come. All of our drums come with a padded drum bag, a padded head cover and a carry strap for playing comfortably standing up.


Each of our drums has been given a name. Some are traditional African names, some or more recognizable. In any case, we hope to bring some cultural education and diversity by naming our drums. Of course, the drum that speaks to you may indeed have another name in mind. All is well....

Djembe - gyawu

gyawu - respect, leadership

Made from a single piece of Twinebowa wood, this drum has a great low voice and a spirited high rim voice as well. A close shaven goat skin head and non stretch tuning rope to last and last. The traditional carving on this gorgeous blonde add a special touch to it. This drum has a 14" head and stands 24" tall.



$250.00 incld drum bag, head cover and strap


Djembe - vlam

vlam - flame

Made from a single piece of Mansonia wood, this drum has a fine set of voices. A smooth, white, close shaven goat skin head are accented by red non-stretch rope. Flowing lines carved on this drum with its sweeping natural colors are accented by an old burn mark from the tree's past encounter with a fire. This drum has a 14" head and stands 24" tall.




$250.00 incld drum bag, head cover and strap