one can never have too many drums

We LOVE drums, and we love being able to bring the inner rhythm out in everyone who drums with us. Drumming is a primal skill we all have inside of our spirit. When we let our defenses down, when we let spirit in, close our eyes and let rhythm move us, we become drummers.


Everyone should have a drum in their home. It calls to you, it wants to be played. You will find that people will notice a drum in your home, they will seek it out, and most certainly want to play.


Below you will find some drums that are available for sale. These drums are hand made in Ghana Africa by skilled artisans and musicians. Each is hand tuned and made from sustainably harvested and managed forests. All of them are unique and have different voices to share with you as you begin to learn to commune with the drum.


Explore, Create, Love....


Each of our drums come with a padded carry case, a padded head cover and a strap for playing while standing. Each is hand tuned and will bring you a lifetime of music and enjoyment.


Our selection changes as each drum is unique and individual. Check regularly and listen to the call of the drum....