stone people

Stone people are the oldest children of Mother Earth. They are the rocks, stones and crystals created by time and have much wisdom to empart upon us if we are willing to listen. They are powerful medicine and are wise teachers. Stone people carry all the history since time began.


In Native sweat lodge ceremony, stone people are gathered for sacred ceremony. In the sweat lodge, the Grandfathers, or stone people are heated in a sacred fire to glowing orbs, and as water is poured on them, they realease their wisdom to those who are taking part in the lodge ceremony. Great care is taken in the selection of these Grandfathers for the lodge. Some of them are more willing to be a part of the ceremony and some may not be ready to share their knowledge at that time. Respectful, honorable and humble is the process of choosing the stone people, or being chosen by the stone people.


Stone people come in all shapes sizes, colors, energy and power. Listen to them as your paths cross in this life journey. Touch them and feel the power and energy that they share with you. All stone people are different, as are we all, yet we are all related, Mitakuye Oyasin. One stone may speak to me but not have as much to say to you. You will most certainly find stone people that speak to you loudly and with purpose, yet speak only in a whisper to me. Embrace them and respect them. Listen to them with your spirit.


The Stone People Drummers honor, respect and admire that which they take their name from. We hope that we may speak to you as the grandfathers of Mother Earth have spoken to us.


Mitakuye Oyasin - we are all related.